College Girls in Gujarat Forced  to Take-Off Underwear to Check Their Periods by Principal!

Bhuj : A very embarrassing incident from Bhuj, Gujarat has came in light where the Principal of Sri Sahajanand College forced  68 girls to take off their underwear to make sure that they were going through menstrual periods.

This news has come to light after being published in a local media institute in Gujarat. According to the report of this media institute, girls are not allowed to shake hands or hug any other student or girl during the period in college.

Also, this order has also been issued that girls passing through periods should not go to the nearby temple. Information is being given about this by putting boards outside the temple. Not only this, the girls have also been told to stay away from the kitchens of the college and the temple.


The devotees of Swaminarayan Temple run Shri Sahajanand College together. The principal of this college said that we had received complaints that girls undergoing periods are shaking hands with people in the college. She is going to the temple as well as in the kitchen.

To prevent this, the principal, along with the college staff, removed the underwear of 68 girls and made them check whether their menstruation was going on.

For this, the college staff first took the girls to the washroom and then they got their clothes removed and got it checked. One girl told the local media that such excesses often happen in this college.

A girl complained that our parents are being emotionally blackmailed about this incident. They are being asked by the College and Temple Trust not to tell the police about this.

When the local media wanted to talk to the women trustees and principal of the college and temple about this, those people were not available. However, two trustees have investigated this and said to take strict action in the case.

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