1 Year of Pulwama Attack; Read ‘What’ Changes Made by CRPF, Strengthened Security?

New Delhi : npnews24 :  On 14 February last year, a large CRPF (Central Reserve Force) convoy was attacked in Pulwama. In this attack, 40 CRPF personnel sacrificed for the country. According to the information, Jaish-e-Mohammed, a terrorist organization maintained by Pakistan, was behind this attack. India in return, attacked Pakistan’s Balakot-based Jaish camp to take revenge.

The government claimed that all the terrorist bases of Jaish-e-Mohammed have been destroyed in retaliation by India. However, many questions also arose regarding the Pulwama attack. The then governor said that some intelligence inputs were received before this incident which was ignored.

In such a situation, it became very important to know why intelligence input was not paid attention before the movement of so many security personnel. Why didn’t the country’s intelligence agency get the idea of such a big attack?

A year after this incident, some similar questions are left standing. Are we ready to prevent such incidents in future? What changes have been made in the Convoy Movement and Standard Operating System (SOP) of CRPF?

Wha changes are made?
Taking lessons from the Pulwama incident, now CRPF personnel are not taken in convoys but sent by airplanes. Not only this, now CRPF personnel have been given free facility to travel from Delhi on Air India flights. Apart from this, 3 days a week, Jammu Air India flights operate from Jammu to Srinagar and Srinagar to Jammu. On the other hand, if a CRPF jawan travels in the airlines of a private company, then he gets back the amount spent for the journey on depositing the bill.

Although still in the convoy, equipment and important goods belonging to CRPF are transported. According to information received from sources, CRPF has prepared a special SOP for the movement of the convoy. However, all the information is not being given here for security.

Some of these important changes are like for example, modern equipment has been encouraged in the road opening party. The CRPF has also increased the number of anti sabotage teams. Due to which the entry of outsiders will be prohibited.

Not only this, in view of the danger of IED on the route, the CRPF has also ordered the closure of the link road at the time of the convoy movement. According to information received from CRPF sources, CCTV cameras are being installed at different places on the National Highway from Jawahar Tunnel to Srinagar. So that the security force can monitor every kind of movement.

Apart from this, the number of vehicles in the convoy is being kept low, as well as the number of bullet proof anti-vehicles has also been doubled. Also, the number of critical situation response vehicles has been increased.

PAK sponsored terrorists are still in the hunt to target the convoy of security forces. Reports from intelligence sources says that Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI is preparing a large group of terrorists to attack the convoy route. According to sources, this time the terrorists of Hizbul Mujahideen, Lashkar-e-Taiba Ansar, Ghazwat-ul-Hind and Al-Badar are plotting together with Jaish-e-Mohammed.

Sources have informed that the efforts of the terrorists are continuously going on to target the security forces. At the same time, the security force is also making all preparations to deal with them. The security forces have issued an alert in Jammu and Kashmir, sensing the potential dangers.

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