Poster-War in Bihar :  Lalu’s in Red Glasses; Caption Said – ‘Thugs of Bihar’  

Patna: After the result of Delhi Assembly Election 2020, political stirring has started in Bihar. Opponent parties are now openly coming to the field. In the political battle, the most interesting is poster fight of JDU-RJD. On Wednesday, both parties put up their posters in Patna. While the ruling JDU described RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav as ‘Thugs of Bihar’ in the poster, the RJD said in response that the government is a hunter.

Posters placed at many places in capital Patna are attracting attention of people. In this, Lalu Yadav has been seen in red-coloured glasses in a film-like ‘hero’ style, but he has been described as Villain. The film’s reel is drawn on the poster and there are many pictures in it. Through this, some photographs of the Lalu-Rabri reign have been shown.

This poster has also tried to show that crime was at its peak in Lalu Government and RJD workers used to commit hooliganism. At the bottom of the poster is written ‘Zara Yaad Karo Woh Kahaani Puraani (Remember that Old Story).’

However, JDU leaders on this poster say that the poster tried to show the bitter truth of Lalu Yadav’s reign. JDU leader and minister Ashok Chaudhary said that those who cannot go in public, they work by putting up posters. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar visited 38 districts, heard the problems of the people, we do not have to fall in the poster-war. He said that the poster has not been put on behalf of JDU.

RJD replied

However, in response to this, RJD has also released a poster showing the increasing crime in Bihar. It is written on the poster, ‘Bihar has bled, the hunter is the government.’ In the poster, more than a dozen arrows (JDU’s election symbol) are shown on the map of Bihar going on target, in which issues of corruption, scam, unemployment, illiteracy, poor law and order and stalled development are also mentioned.

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