Delhi CM Kejriwal and His Wife Changing the Image of the Typical Indian Leader

 Viral Photos of CM Hugging Wife Becoming Popular on Social Media

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal embraced his wife Sunita Kejriwal after winning the 2015 Assembly elections. That moment when Delhi CM hugged his wife publicly, it was captured in photographs and was mostly in the headlines of the newspaper.

This one photo not only made headlines but also broke the typical image of the Indian politician with a Macho Man personality. This photo also broke the rules of politicians talking about things like being celibate and no time for love. This one photo said that besides dedicating life to the service of the country, being devoted to the family can also be the speciality of leaders.

As soon as it became clear that Arvind Kejriwal is going to become the Chief Minister of Delhi for the third time in a row, he celebrated his wife Sunita Kejriwal’s birthday in the party office and cut the cake. AAP’s victory was converted into a birthday gift for his wife. During this time, his father and children were also together. His picture while feeding the wife a cake is becoming viral on social media. After the victory, Sunita Kejriwal said that she was confident of a great victory. The people of Delhi have given her a wonderful birthday gift.

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