Coronavirus India : An Indian in Doubt of Infected with Corona Virus Committed Suicide to Avoid the Spread of Disease

Chittoor : npnews24 :  The fear of Coronavirus, or Covid 19, has become so ingrained in the minds of people that now people have started committing suicide to spread of infection. Recently, a man from Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh has committed suicide for same reason.

Balakrishnaiah of Thottambedu village in Chittoor district felt that he had got the infection of Coronavirus (Covid 19). Now there is no cure for it and he is going to die. Thinking that because of him, more people should not fall not sick, he committed suicide.

58-year-old Balakrishnaiah went to Ruia government hospital on Saturday for examination. It was found that he had urinary tract infection. But during a conversation with the doctors, there was a confusion due to which he thought that he was infected with Coronavirus (Covid 19).

Balakrishnaiah’s son told the media that I had tried to convince the father that he did not have the infection of Coronavirus (Covid 19). But he was very quiet. he was not very educated. Hence, he could not even understand the doctor. He thought he had coronavirus infection.

After coming from the hospital on Saturday, Balakrishnaiah behaved strangely. On Monday morning, he committed suicide. Balakrishnaiah’s wife said that the doctors told Balakrishnaiah that he had Coronavirus infection. He should wear a mask. After this, Balakrishnaiah believed that he had an infection of Coronavirus (Covid 19). The disease does not spread in family and the people of the village, so he committed suicide.

So far 44,833 people have been infected in the world by Covid 19 Coronavirus. While 1112 people have died.

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