Coronavirus : Patients Being Tortured in China, Closed in Boxes, Locked in Houses to Die Starving!  Photos-Videos Leaked…   

Chinese administration completely closed the virus center of Wuhan 

Wuhan : In China, More than 900 people have died due to Corona virus so far. About 40,171 people are infected with the virus while 187,518 people are under the supervision of doctors. Amidst all this, many such videos are going viral on social media in which Chinese officials are seen misbehaving with corona virus patients.

People in Wuhan are locking down the infected people within their homes, so that they can’t escape out in the open, in a bid to stop the spread of #coronarvirues . The infected families r being left to starve & die.

A video is becoming very viral on social media, in which a suspected patient of Corona virus has been kept in a box. The woman’s screams are heard after being locked in the box.

The woman’s partner tries to comfort her but after locking in the box, the woman starts shouting loudly. The China administration is keeping the infected people in separate places so that the infection does not spread to others.

In another video, Chinese police forcibly detain a woman suspected of being infected with the Corona virus. The woman is forcibly pulled out of her car. The police officers later leave her on the road and then the transport van comes and takes her.


Another video is also going viral on social media in which people are being dragged from their homes. These leaked videos have led some people to conclude that the Chinese authorities are trying to hide the effects of corona virus from the world. The Chinese administration has also completely closed the virus center of Wuhan.

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