AUTO EXPO 2020: Maruti Suzuki Futuro-e concept SUV unveiled.

The Futuro-E represents the vision of Maruti Suzuki. Futuro E has been developed keeping in mind the INDIAN MARKETS. 

Maruti Suzuki has made headlines at the automotive space industry by releasing an automotive extravaganza. After Tata Motors revealing the Sierra and HBX, Kia Motors revealing Carnival at the auto wrap, Maruti Suzuki too revealed its Futuro-e! After Mercedes, it was only Maruti Suzuki that has shown a drawn back budget making the SUV affordable.

India is has one of the most dynamic Automotive industries with trends going up and down. The industry has struggled to make cars meet the consumer prices in terms of mileage and diesel expenditure. The craze for SUVs is not just Indian but is walking its way through all around the world. India has been introduced to ‘personalized SUVs’ by Maruti Suzuki which is developed for Indian wants. 


The Futuro-E concept was revealed in India at 2020 Auto Expo in India. It has been boosted with features such as electric powertrain and has been made by the wants and choices of Indian SUV. The car is equipped with sleek LED headlamps. The steering wheel is rectangular in shape. The seats are flexible and is furnished with digital center console. The MOST fascinating feature of this car is that, they have made it an Electric Concept Car. 


The current SUV has set the standards for a new global design for all the SUVs around the world. The car’s design has a very aggressive front and a bold design on the out. It has focused its appeal on the modern and youthful crowd. Maruti, after launching this model is sure to go after other SUV designs like Hyundai Creta and MG Hector. 


After the release, Maruti Suzuki has received a lot of media coverage and excitement. The pitch for this model is based on ‘most affordable’ SUV and a ‘subcompact’ SUV. Experts are expecting the sales and choices of the consumers to replace Grand Vitara. Not only funky but the SUV has a very sweeping and sporty look.


The electric car has been created inspired with the idea of ‘Mission Green Million’ which aims to sell at least one million GREEN cars. Green cars are cars which are fueled by CNG, Hybrids or Electricity. 


The model is a matte body with tinted glasses. Inside the car, it is equipped with colors that will alter through the mood also known as ‘mood color’ environment. The car is stocked with Human Machine Interface and secondary screens as well. 


The model has created the hype it was expecting and is now on every consumer wish list. The need for green vehicles is needed more than ever. With the development and progress of new technologies, cleaner and much more developed SUVs are entering the market and the first few are presented by Maruti Suzuki providing a practical solution for the future. 


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