People Revealing the Truth of Coronavirus are Going Missing in China

Wuhan: The Chinese government has failed to deal with the coronavirus. Despite all the claims of measures being taken to avoid this, the coronavirus infection is not decreasing. In China, the number of people who died due to this virus is increasing. On Monday, the death toll crossed 900. Coronavirus infection cases have increased to more than 40 thousand. On Sunday, 97 people died due to infection, while 3062 new cases of infection have been reported.

Meanwhile, there are many such reports that the Chinese government is hiding the truth of the coronavirus. Some media reports have said that the case of death and virus infection is much more. The Chinese government is deliberately telling the numberless. People telling the truth about the coronavirus are disappearing. Last week, Dr. Wenliang, the doctor who first revealed about the coronavirus for the first time, was also died. Now a Chinese citizen journalist Chen Kushi, who finds out the truth of this virus and its infection, is missing. The case of Chen Kushi’s disappearance has become suspicious.

Chen Kushi was reporting on the coronavirus from the Chinese city of Wuhan. Coronavirus disease has spread from Wuhan itself. People of China are demanding to tell the truth about Coronavirus. They are saying that their freedom of speech is being suppressed. Meanwhile, Chen Kushi, reporting of Coronavirus, has been missing since Thursday.

People are already angry over the death of Dr. Li Wenliang, who first warned about the Coronavirus in China. Dr. Li Wenliang died due to coronavirus infection. Dr. Lee was intimidated, to tell the truth of the coronavirus. After this, the case has become sensitive due to the disappearance of a civilian journalist, Chen Kushi.

Chen Kushi’s relatives and friends are worried. People expressed their displeasure on China’s social media over the death of Dr. Li. People appealed to the government to apologize. The campaign was run under the name ‘I Want Freedom of Speech’.

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