Delhi Election : About 1.47 Crore Voters are Voting for the Govt for ‘These’ 10 Issues

New Delhi : npnews24 : Voting continues for the Delhi Assembly elections from 8 am on Saturday. More than 1.47 crore voters of Delhi are voting for the election of the new government. Voters are giving votes to elect new government based on these 10 issues :

The power system directly connects common men to everyday life. When you leave home to choose a new government, the biggest issue should be in front of you is the electricity system in your area.

Road is the most important among basic facilities. The paved road in the street makes ease of common life. The wide and paved roads also make your area beautiful and provide security.

Water facilities in Delhi are connected to every person. How strong this system is in your area, it must be considered.

The system of transport has great importance in the life of a common man. What does transport system mean in your life, how much do you use them and how satisfied are you with it. Depending on the issue, you should vote.

Pollution is a major issue in Delhi. Every section of the society is directly connected to it. How is the condition of pollution in your area, vote after keeping this issue in mind.

Education in basic services is very essential for a developed society. How is the system of schools in your area, in which school your children are taking education, whether government or private, whether education in Delhi has really improved or not, whether the bribe in private schools is reduced or not. You have to decide this.

Health is foremost for every citizen. When you are healthy, then this society will be healthy and the country too. How satisfied are you with the health services around your home, do you think that special attention was given to health in Delhi. This issue should be in front of you at the time of vote.

Female safety
Women’s safety has always been a serious issue in Delhi. Generally, every government has been raising this issue during elections. Now you have to decide who puts your issue firmly ahead and protects you.

Electric wires
The spider web of wires, as frightening as it looks, has dangerous consequences as well. The heat often affects the wire and it catches fire which can affect the power supply. How big a wire spider trap can be for you, is there the terrible condition of wires outside your house? You have to decide while voting.

Smooth trade
Business is the backbone for any city or state. If business itself is not smooth, then that state’s economic system also cannot be strong. You should give your vote on this issue in mind.

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