Ranu Mandal Back to Her Old House, Living Anonymous Life

Mumbai : npnews24 :   media. In such a situation, her fans want to know where and what she is doing these days.
Ranu Mandal, who has been singing and singing at the railway station, is no longer needs a recognition. Ranu Mandal made people crazy with her voice overnight, examples of which have gone viral.
After the video was viral, Himesh Reshammiya gave her an opportunity to work with him, after which she also released two songs, which people liked very much. According to mediaRanu Mandal has become queen of social media by singing songs at railway station. But at the moment she seems far away from the reports, Ranu Mandal is living in her old house these days which is in Bengal. Her fans may get a confused after hearing this news, but she is stuck in her old house due to some work.

According to sources, these days Ranu Mandal is living in her old house and working on her biopic, due to which she is away from the media. However, she recently did a post, in which she told about it. An actress has also been approached for this biopic.
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