Pak PM Imran Khan’s Threat… ‘This’ will be Modi’s Last Mistake

Islamabad : npnews24 : Pakistan has been panic since Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement to destroy Pakistan in war in ten days. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said on PM Modi’s warning that Modi should know that the attack on Pakistan will be his last mistake.

On the occasion of ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ observed on Wednesday in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), Imran said, “Modi should not be in any misunderstanding. If he attacked Pakistan, it would be his last mistake.”
इमरान खान की धमकी...तो ये होगी मोदी की आखिरी गलती

Imran said on the abolition of special status of Jammu and Kashmir by the Modi government, “Seeing the mistake that Modi made on August 5 in arrogance, believing in Allah, I am predicting that Kashmir will now be ‘free’.”

The Pak PM said that when curfew is lifted in Kashmir, there will be a flood of Kashmiri humans and only the voice of ‘freedom’ will come. Then no orders of Modi will work.

Imran said in a very provocative speech in the public meeting, “His pilot with a big mustache (Abhinandan) dropped down in Pakistan but we returned him too because we want peace.”

Imran Khan gave the example of Afghanistan after this and said, Modi gave a statement that India will conquer Pakistan in ten days. It seems that Modi has not read the history of the world, it seems that his degree is fake. Someone should tell them that the world’s largest power (America) has been in Afghanistan for 19 years. Its generals also said that in a few days, they will conquer Afghanistan.”

He said, “I want to say to Modi and the Indian Army Chief that on August 5, they made a mistake, don’t do any more mistakes. We will fight and show. Our troops are ready.”

Imran Khan threatened that Pakistan’s 200 million people and its strong military will teach India a hard lesson.

Imran Khan targeted the Modi government. He said, if you misunderstand that you will increase your Hindu voter base by taking any action against Pakistan, then it will be your last mistake.

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