Corona Virus : Death of Chinese Doctor Who First Warned the Whole World about Corona Virus

Wuhan : npnews24 :  Chinese doctor Li Wenliang, who first warned the world about the Corona virus, died on Thursday. According to China’s official newspaper Global Times, Dr. Li Wenliang died due to corona virus. While trying to hide the news of the corona virus in Wuhan city of China, doctor Li Wenliang posted a video from the hospital and warned people about the corona virus.

After this, 34-year-old doctor, Li Wenliang was questioned by the local health department of China. Not only this, the Wuhan police had also issued a notice to Dr. Li Wenliang and he was accused of spreading rumors through social media. Doctor Li Wenliang had to be hospitalized on 12 January after being hit by the corona virus. He came in the grip of corona virus after coming in contact with a patient.

Doctor Li Wenliang sent a message to his fellow doctors in a chat group on 30 December last year and told about the risk of this virus. Doctor Li Wenliang warned his fellow doctors to wear special clothes to avoid this virus.

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