‘Devayani Hajare’ – A Name in the Fashion World who is a Source of Inspiration and Status First in Social Work, Read in Detail…

NP NEWS 24 (Richa Pandya): Pune: Devayani Hajare of Khamgaon, Buldhana district, about 440 km from Pune, was conferred with the title ‘Mrs. Maharashtra-Empress of Maharashtra’ 2019. Apart from this, Devayani also won the title of ‘Mrs Maharashtra- Beauty with a Purpose’. The competition was held on 8 December 2019 at Hyatt Hotel in Pune.


This dazzling ‘Diva Pageant’ event featured 50 beautiful and capable finalists. Many contestants from all over the country auditioned for this competition. But, selected models of them reached the finals. They were selected based on personality, confidence, and intelligence. Devayani Hajare is a housewife as well as a businesswoman. Along with family, business, she fulfilled her dreams, this in itself is a compliment.

Devayani Hajare is also a Successful Businesswoman –

Devayani Hajare is a housewife as well as a successful businesswoman. Devayani, a resident of Khamgaon, had limited herself to a husband and her two sons after her marriage in 2005. But, in the last 5 years, she has become a capable businesswoman, she is handling three companies.

Devayani is the owner of Ved Ganga RO Water, Trendy cloth centre, High Reha Elevators these companies are located in Gargoti in Kolhapur district. High Rhea Elevator company does the installation and maintenance of elevators. Through these companies, Devayani provides employment to 35 to 40 people every day.

Devayani Hajare says that she has always had a tendency towards glamour and fashion industry. But, when she saw Manushi Chillar winning the title of ‘Miss World’, she was very inspired by her. After which she also started her journey.

She credited this victory to her husband Shriram and family. Devayani further says that she told her husband Shriram about her dream of participating in a pageant, who wholeheartedly inspired her to fulfil her dream.

Such Preparations Done for the Competition –

She started grooming herself from home before joining the competition and joined a specialized course where she came to know about things and updated her skills further. She watched videos, discussed with experts, read books and then started developing her personality.

Started a balanced diet and regular exercise. Not only this, the biggest thing is that with all dedication towards her goal, she was able to reduce weight from 75 kg to just 55 kg. Only then she enrolled her name for the Diva pageants.

Devayani Wants to Participate in International Pageant –

Devayani wants to participate in the international pageant further, as well as wants to do modelling and film assignments. Although she says that she will think about her family first, will meet every need of her children, after that if she gets time, then she will definitely want to participate in the international pageant.

She believe that “Nothing is impossible if you wish. We can fulfil our dreams along with family and children, we just need stamina, confidence, and hard work, then nothing can stop you from moving forward.”

Devayani said –

My aim is to motivate women of all stage of life to live for themselves, and encourage them to pay attention to their own development. If every woman pays attention to her own progress, then the progress of this society will also definitely happen. At the same time, a properly empowered India will also be built.

She further says that “it is my objective to empower women mentally, physically and financially and to make them confident. Devayani believes that if a woman coming from a small village like me can achieve such a big task only on the strength of hard work and dedication, then every woman of this country can achieve success in her field of interest.”

Devayani is also a Social Worker –

Along with the beauty, Devayani Hajare has a soft heart. She does not fail to bring happiness in life of deprived people by giving them books and food in different donation camps.

Along with this, she is also supporting ‘Chetan Sevankur Sansthan’ for the blind. Every Thursday, she gives books, food, clothes, and all the necessities that she feels people in need. Be it Diwali or Ganpati, Devayani delivers the first sweet box to these children in every festival !

About Devayani’s personal life –

Devayani is a resident of Kolhapur. She holds an MA degree. Along with the long drives, she loves to visit new places. By serving the poor and needy people, she gets self-satisfaction. She believes in spirituality.

Devayani is married to Shriram. They both have two children. One is 12 years old and another is 8 years old. The names of her two children are Chinmay and Harshvardhan.

About Devayani’s Parents –

Devayani is the daughter of Suresh Gharpankar and Sunanda Gharpankar of Maharashtra. She credited her success to the entire family, including her husband Sriram Hajare.

Devayani wanted to enter the world of glamour since childhood. Apart from this, she is also very interested in social activities. Devayani holds an MA degree in Marathi.

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