Corona Virus Affecting Prostitution, Chinese Sex-Workers Across the World Hiding Their Identity

New Delhi : Corona virus has killed a large number of people in China and thousands of people are suffering from it. As of Wednesday morning, 490 people have died in China. Many other countries of the world have also been exposed to the virus. Many countries have started investigating Chinese people. At the same time, the corona virus is also having a bad effect on Chinese girls involved in body trade.

According to the report of the Daily Mail, Chinese girls doing prostitution abroad are hiding their nationality or have started telling themselves of another country. Girls say that they are being discriminated due to Corona virus.

According to media reports, on some online portals, Chinese girls have hidden the word China in their own profiles. A sex worker told that she has reduced her rate by half and has hid nationality.

Chinese sex worker says that ever since the corona virus has appeared, their income has decreased significantly. Another girl told that her business has never been so bad before.

Many sex workers have not been to their country China for years, despite this, people are afraid that due to coming in contact with these girls, they may also get infected with the corona virus.

It is known that no vaccine has been discovered so far to prevent corona virus. If symptoms of corona virus are found, people are advised to remain isolated and visit the doctor immediately.

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