Female Teacher in West Bengal Tied-Dragged-Assaulted by Trinamool Leader

Kolkata: In West Bengal, on orders by the leader of the Trinamool Congress, the mob-tied up and dragged two women into the streets and beat them up. It is reported that the female teacher had opposed the grabbing of her land for road construction. Angry Trinamool supporters tied and dragged her on the road for about 30 feet. When her elder sister protested, she too was beaten. Both were abused as well.

The woman’s name is Smritikhana Das. She is a teacher in nearby school and lives in Fata Nagar with her mother. Their mother was also hurt while trying to save the daughters. The woman filed a case against the five accused on Sunday. However, no arrests have been made so far in this case.

Woman’s Accusation – More Land was Encroached for Road

The woman alleged that she was assaulted under the leadership of local Trinamool leader Amal Sarkar. On Sunday, Trinamool district chief Arpita Ghosh issued orders to suspend panchayat leader Amal Sarkar. According to both women, they were told earlier that the road in front of their house would be 12 feet wide. Then she agreed to give the land. But then the panchayat decided to widen the road to 24 feet, after which they would have suffered much loss of their land, which they opposed.

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