Coronavirus Effect : People  All Over the World Made Distance from Chinese Citizens, ‘No Entry’ in Hotels-Restaurants

New Delhi: Anti-China sentiments are also increasing throughout the world amid the growing threat from Coronavirus. Many countries have banned travelers from China. At the same time, many restaurants in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Vietnam have distanced themselves from Chinese customers. For these, no entry boards have been set up.

In Indonesia, locals marched to a hotel on Sunday and asked Chinese tourists to leave. In France and Australia and other parts of Asia, Chinese citizens are facing insults. So far, 361 deaths have occurred due to coronavirus in China. At the same time, 14,562 people are vulnerable. At the same time, one person is reported to have been killed in the Philippines due to coronavirus.

People distanced themselves from Chinese citizens in South Korea

According to the news agency Reuters, there are many such comments coming on South Korean websites, which are seeking to expel or ban the people of China. A seafood restaurant in Seoul put up a board that Chinese citizens do not enter. But it was lifted after the protest. At Arizona State University in the US, someone spread a rumour about a Chinese-American citizen Ari Deng that she had a coronavirus. She was sitting with her friends in the campus. Meanwhile, the students started making a distance from her and left.

Refused to serve food in Hong Kong

A Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong has refused to serve food to the Chinese people. At the same time, such a situation was also seen in France when people changed their way on seeing an Asian looking person. Sok Lam, a legal adviser to the Chinese community in Paris, said that people should not believe that we are Asian, we are more likely to spread the virus.

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