Farrukhabad Kidnapper’s Letter Viral, Kidnapper Shot Dead, Wife Killed in a Mob Attack

NP NEWS 24 : Lucknow : Karthia village is about 40 km from the city headquarters of Farrukhabad. The village came into limelight on Thursday evening after 23 children were taken hostage by a killer in the house. After about 8 hours, the hostage children were freed by the police by running the operation. Subhash Batham, the hostage of the children, was killed during the operation. His wife Ruby was beaten to death by the villagers. She was badly injured and later died in hospital.

Letter of kidnapper is going viral

According to media reports, the person who held 23 innocents hostage for 11 hours on the pretext of birthday in village Karthia of Farrukhabad has been identified as Subhash Batham. He was also accused of killing a village man in 2001. At the moment he came out on bail in the murder case. Meanwhile, one of his letters is going viral, referring to some demands. He has also mentioned the house in the letter that he has not got. And the toilet is also mentioned.

It is written in the letter that a colony (house) was given to him, but Pradhan refused to give it to him. In the letter he has written that his mother is unable to move, a toilet was also demanded by him, even that is not given to him. He further wrote that even after meeting the secretary and other officials several times, his work has not been done.

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