Coronavirus : People on Public Place Seen Wearing Plastic Containers and Bags for Protection

NP NEWS 24 : Wuhan : Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in China. So far 170 people have died here. There is an atmosphere of fear among the people and while going out of the house they are adopting all the measures to avoid it, which is necessary. People can be seen wearing plastic containers, helmets and bags on the metro, flights, markets and other public places. Its pictures are becoming viral on social media. People say ‘Why to hesitate in this? Life is precious.’

The government is constantly issuing health advisories to protect people from coronavirus. Health experts are saying that until its vaccine is ready or the effect does not decrease, there have been alerts. Wash hands with soap from time to time, outside and inside the house. Do not share food, drinks and other items with utensils.

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