On Priyanka Chopra’s Grammy Dress, Fashion Designer said – “There is an age to wear some clothes..”

Mumbai : npnews24 Online –  Priyanka Chopra is constantly in the limelight due to her fashion and dress at the Grammy 2020. Priyanka is wearing a sari or a Western outfit, the look of ‘Desi Girl’ often wins the hearts of her fans. But Priyanka, who arrived on Sunday to be a part of the Grammys Awards 2020, became a topic of discussion and was also trolled for her look. While many international fashion icons have liked this look of ‘Desi Girl’, an Indian fashion designer has also made fun of this very long neckline of Priyanka. She arrived at the Grammy’s with her husband Nick Jonas.


Fashion designer Wendell Rodricks mocked the length of Priyanka’s neck line, calling it ‘Los Angeles to Cuba’. After this comment, many people also trolled Rodricks, after which this fashion designer has commented again. Many trolled Rodricks for Priyanka’s body shaming.
Priyanka entered the red carpet with Ralph & Rusho’s designer dress with Nick on the Grammy 2020 red carpet. The highlight of this ivory white gown was its extra long neckline. This neckline was quite revealing and after that people started trolling Priyanka.

Now this fashion designer has told how he was not just body shaming but in his comment, dress shaming Rodricks  wrote, ‘Whatever people are saying that I have done body shaming, this is my answer for them. Have I said anything about her body. No. I just said that this dress was not right for her, whereas it was a designer dress. Just read my post before making allegations. He further wrote, ‘There is an age to wear certain clothes. Fat belly people should not wear tight T-shirts. Similarly, women should not wear mini dress after one age. If you do not have it, do not show it. Do not make every issue body shaming.”


Many users did not like this logic of Rodricks and his criticism. Many people have also commented on his post. Remind that this is not the first time that Priyanka has been trolled about her dress. Even before this, she has been trolled many times over her dresses.
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