Hindu Girl Kidnapped in Pakistan on Wedding Day, Forced to Marry Muslim Man after Conversion

NP NEWS 24 : Karachi : A Hindu girl was abducted by attackers from a wedding mandap under the supervision of local police in Matiyari district, about 215 km from Karachi province in Pakistan. According to the report, Bharti Bai (24) was then forced to confess Islam and marry a Muslim man.

As told by locals, Bharti was to be married to a Hindu man in Hala town, but some attackers reached the wedding mandap and kidnapped her. Bharti’s father Kishore Das said that his daughter’s wedding ceremony was going on, when an attacker named Shahrukh Gul, along with some people, brought police personnel there and kidnapped his daughter in broad daylight.

Later, documents of Bharti confessing to Islam and a photo of her marrying Shahrukh went viral on social media. One of the reasons that Bharti was abducted from the pavilion could also be that according to the documents Bharti had already converted to Islam on December 1, 2019. According to the certificate, after Bharti accepted Islam, sher name was changed to ‘Bushra’.

Karachi-based Jamaat-ul-Uloom Islamia has also issued a certificate of conversion of Bharati. While Bharti’s family has demanded the return of their daughter, it is also being said that Bharti had converted to Islam a month before the incident. The incident has raised questions about Imran Khan’s government’s claim to save minorities.

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