WHY SHANIWARWADA is HAUNTED, Who is the Prince whose Soul Wanders and Painfully Weeps for Help 

NP NEWS 24: Pune: There are many people who believe the Shaniwarwada to be haunted place. Even today in Shaniwarwada palace of the Maratha-Peshwa community, the soul of a prince wanders and weeps for help. Dark memories happened at any place leaves its negative influence there. Located in Pune city of Maharashtra, is Shaniwarwada, which is considered to be the most haunted place in the city. Local people say they hear a voice from inside, calling for help. This voice is of a prince and the people around have often heard crying.
Some of the Secrets that are the Reason why Shaniwarwada Palace is Haunted :

For this, you must first know the history of Shaniwarwada. The foundation of this palace was laid by Bajirao I on Saturday, 10 January 1730. At that time the construction of this palace cost 16 thousand one hundred and 10 rupees. It was so huge that more than a thousand people could live together in this palace.
Shaniwarwada has total 5 doors. The first gate is known as Delhi Darwaja, the second one is Mastani Darwaja, the third is Khirki Darwaja, the fourth is Narayan Darwaja and the fifth is Ganesh Darwaja.
Until 1818, this palace remained under the authority of Peshwas. The palace caught fire in 1828 and the largest part of the palace was engulfed in flames. How that fire was set is still a mystery.

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