Omar Abdullah in House Arrest for 6 Months, Unrecognizable in Viral Photo

 Know What are the Restrictions Imposed when in House Arrest

NP NEWS 24 : Srinagar : The Indian government had decided to remove Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir on 5 August 2019, since then the top leaders of the state are under house arrest. It also includes former chief ministers Mehbooba Mufti, Omar Abdullah and Farooq Abdullah. The decision was taken about 6 months ago, but the detention of these leaders is not over yet.

Recently a picture of Omar Abdullah is going viral on social media, in which he is seen completely changed. His white beard has grown considerably. Looking at the picture, it can be said that this is a photo of the snowfall in the valley. He is seen smiling in this photo.

According to media reports, he said that he would not shave his beard until he was removed from custody. Initially, according to the information, he is reading books and watching his favorite movies during detention.

What is House Arrest?

This means that the person arrested is kept at his house. He is not taken to the police station or jail. He will remain at his house during the house arrest. Police will be guarded outside the house 24×7. From there their every single move will be monitored. There is no mention of house arrest in the IPC and neither has been said about it in the CRPC.

What Restriction are Put?

– Phone and mobile contacts can be eliminated during house arrest. It is usually prohibited to meet and talk to outsiders. Only talk with the family members and lawyers are allowed.

– Internet usage is also banned. It can also be used on permission.

– Calls can be received during detention, but it is forbidden to pick up and talk directly. They are attached to recorders which is investigated by police officers. The person arrested in the house arrest cannot get out of the house. In emergency cases, he can go out only with the permission.

What is the Routine?

The jail manual does not apply during house arrest. That is, you can wake up late in the morning after sleeping. Books can be read. Can do the work of writing. There is no restriction on reading newspapers and there is no restriction on watching television. Can eat food of choice. In this, food does not come from jail, but you have the freedom to eat homemade food.

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