‘The Economist’ calls India intolerant, writes on CAA-NRC issue – 200 million Muslims in the country are scared

NP NEWS 24 : New Delhi : A controversy has started over the cover page of ‘The Economist’ magazine. On the cover page of the magazine, the Modi government has been attacked over protests in India, CAA and NRC. The Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) symbol is seen in the middle of the barbed wire on the cover page. On top of that is written, intolerant India, how Modi is endangering the world’s largest democracy.

The Economist wrote on the cover page on Thursday about how the Prime Minister of India and his party are risking the world’s largest democracy. The tile of the article has accused PM Narendra Modi of splitting the world’s largest democracy. It says that 200 million Muslims in India are scared as the Prime Minister Modi has been busy building the Hindu nation. In the article discussing the BJP’s launch with the movement for the Ram temple in the 80s, it is argued that presumably, Narendra Modi and the BJP have benefited from the split on the basis of religion and national identity.

The article on NRC states that the process of preparing a register for Native Indians to identify illegal refugees will affect 130 crore Indians. This process will last for many years. Once the list is ready, there will be a process to improve it. It is written in the magazine that the public is being misled from other issues like the economy and etc. Ever since the BJP’s victory, challenges have been raised against the Indian economy.

Many BJP leaders have tweeted and condemned the magazine’s cover page. BJP leader Vijay Chauthaiwale has described the magazine as Egoist. Notably, the Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) of The Economist Group released its Global Democracy Index list this week. India is ranked 51st in the list. India’s number in the list was 7.23 in 2018, which has dropped to 6.90 in 2019.

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