Obscene Video Viral ; political leader in Beed Found in Objectionable Situation

NP NEWS 24 : Beed : The Beed district, which has always remained important in politics of the state is in debate of the political circles for a objectionable incident. A spark has outraged in political circle after a political leader obscene video has been viral. All the representatives of people appearing in the video are believed to belong to the same party.

The viral video is from CCTV footage, which is of April 16, 2019. The correct location of CCTV video is not yet clear, but the video is more than 10 minutes long. The men in the video appear to be working in a local self-government organization and the women are believed to be prominent political leaders in the district.

The men in the video are believed to be the close people of Veteran leader of the district. As per the CCTV footage, the video is from the time of the Lok Sabha elections. Six months after, when this video has come out, the question is it intentionally brought in public to end the political career of the leader?

Meanwhile, when there is heated situation in country on the issue of increasing violence against women, these video has raised more questions. People are curious whether the party would take any action against the political leader or not.

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