Different Rates of Pocket Friendly Street Foods of India & Pakistan will Surprise You 

NP NEWS 24: Every country has its own food culture. India is such a country where many variations in food are seen. Different types of food and dishes are found in different states of India. The similar food are seen being sold in Pakistan as well. In this article, we will tell you about such cheap and tasty street foods and their rates in both countries.
1. Golgappa

Golgappa is quite popular in the streets of Pakistan. In India, 5 golgappas are available in the local area for Rs.10 or 15, and at some very good places, it is sold for Rs. 20. In Pakistan, you will get 2 gulgappas for Rs. 10.
2. Egg Roll

If you talk about egg roll then its price in India is 30-40 rupees. In Pakistan, it is available for Rs. 50.
3. Jhalmudi


Jhalmudi in India is famous snacks for the evening. You will get 100 grams for 10 rupees here, while in Pakistan it is priced from Rs. 10 to 15.
4. Samosa

Samosa is considered the most preferred snack in India. Samosa and tea are liked by every Indian in the evening and morning. In India, you will get a samosa for 5 to 10 rupees while in Pakistan, it is sold for 10 rupees.
5. Momos

Momos are liked by many Indians and it is quite popular among youngsters.  In India, the price of momos is 30 or 50 rupees while in Pakistan, 5 Momos are sold for Rs. 50.
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