Real Tukde Tukde Gang is the one who is Ruling the Nation : P. Chidambaram

 NP NEWS 24 : New Delhi : Senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram on Thursday blamed the BJP- led NDA government at the center a day after India fell down 10 places in the democracy index and gave a statement that democratic institutions have been powerless in the current government and that those in power are real Tukde Tukde Gangs. The former home minister tweeted that the India slipped 10 places in the democracy index. Anyone keeping a close watch on the political developments of the last two years is aware that the democracy has been crushed and democratic institutions are powerless. The people who are in power are the real tukde tukde gangs. Chidambaram said that the world is suspicious of the direction in which India is moving. Every patriotic Indian should be worried.

The Democracy Index is announced based on 5 issues

The Economist began declaring the Democracy Index in 2006. This is India’s lowest democracy score in last 13 years. The highest was in 2014, at that time, democracy score of India was 7.92. The Democracy Index is announced on the basis of 5 issues such as the electoral process and the state of plurality, the functioning of the government, political participation, political culture and social freedom.

The year of 2019 has been an Upheaval for India

As per the report, 2019 has been a huge upheaval for India if viewed on the basis of each of these issues. BJP Government eliminated Article 370 from Kashmir. Applied Citizenship Amendment Act. These historic decisions of the government created political friction. The CAA was viewed as a discriminatory law across the country. All of these had an impact on social freedom and its democratic status in India in 2019.


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