Kangana Ranaut : Women like Senior Advocate Indira Jaising Gives Birth to Demons

NP NEWS 24 : Mumbai: A few days ago, senior advocate Indira Jaisingh appealed to Delhi gang rap victim’s mother Ashadevi that she should forgive the accused of misconduct just as Sonia Gandhi had forgiven Rajiv Gandhi’s killers.  Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has now reacted to this.
Kangana outraged on senior lawyer, Indira, said that women like Indira who sympathize with rapists are the ones who make these monsters bigger.
Kangana spoke about Indira Jaising in a conversation with the media during the promotion of her upcoming film ‘Panga’. Actress said, let the Indira Jaising be imprisoned with the boys for four days. How any woman can have compassion for such people? Demons are born from the womb of such women.

Hang the Rapists in Public : Kangana
In addition, the actress said that rapists should be publicly hanged, so that people will think more than ten times before they do such heinous crime in future. Kangana further said that such people should not be hanged silently but publicly. What does it mean to punish them when you cannot set an Example?
Four accused of the Delhi gang rap in 2012 are currently in Tihar jail and have been sentenced to be hanged at six in the morning on February 1st. Indira, a senior lawyer, tweeted that she had sympathy for Asha Devi but appealed to her to follow Sonia Gandhi. Just as she forgave Rajiv Gandhi’s assassin, so should he. She stands with Nirbhaya’s parents but is against the death sentence.

Indira Jaising’s controversial statement has angered many people. Nirbhaya’s mother Ashadevi said who is Indira Jaising? The whole country wants the rapist to be hanged. Rape victims do not get justice because of such people.  Even if God himself would come and tell her, she would not forgive the accused. Would Indira Jaisingh or her daughter have been forgiven if such a monstrous act had happened? Such people earn a living by supporting the wicked.

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