Pakistan Planning to Honey Trap Indians, Revealed in ATS Interrogation

NP News 24 Lucknow : The whole world is aware of the tension between India and Pakistan.  In such a situation, Pakistan continues to adopt different tactics against India. Reports says that Pakistan is trying to use Honey Trap network on Indian mobile numbers. Rashid arrested from Chandauli has revealed this.

Rashid, who is on remand for three days of police custody, said that an ISI officer in Pakistan, Asim, had asked him to purchase two Indian SIM cards. Asim had instructed not to register sim on his name.

Rashid took the SIM card using the ID of two boys from his locality and informed Asim. Asim in Pakistan, took the OTP from Rashid and activated whatsapp on both the numbers.

That means the number was from India only and WhatsApp was being operated from Pakistan. This number has a photo of beautiful girls on the profile photo. An ATS official said an attempt was also made to trap the Indians in the honey trap with these numbers.

During interrogation, Rashid said that the people of ISI had asked him to take a shop in Jodhpur in Rajasthan in an area where mostly the army vehicles passes. He was also promised to get payment every month for the shop and other expenses.

Rashid told that he had also visited Rajasthan but had returned from Ajmer itself. He also shared a photo of the dargah in Ajmer with his boss in Pakistan. At present, ATS is collecting more and more information by recovering the data from his mobile and Rashid is being interrogated.

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