Gaganyaan is not only the Mission to take humans to space : ISRO Chief  

NP NEWS 24 : Bangalore : Speaking at Bangalore on India’s ambitious expedition Gaganyaan mission, ISRO chief K Sivan said that the Gaganyaan mission is not just about sending humans into space, this mission gives us an opportunity to create a roadmap for long-term national and international cooperation.


The ISRO chief said that we all know that scientific discovery, economic development, education, technological development and inspiring youth are all becoming targets for the nation. Human space flight provides the right platform to fulfill all these objectives.

Earlier, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) had announced on January 1 that four astronauts have been selected for the Gaganyaan program and their training in Russia will begin soon. A food menu for these astronauts has also been prepared.

A Food Menu of Gaganyaan Astronauts

A food menu for Gaganyaan astronauts has been prepared. Egg rolls, veg rolls, idli, moong dal halwa and veg pulav are included in food they will be served in the space. This food of astronauts is being prepared by Defense Food Research Institute, Mysore. There will also be an oven to heat the food in the space. Not only this, there will also be a facility of liquid food for astronauts along with water and juice. Food is being prepared for mission Gaganyaan keeping the zero gravity situation in mind.

Before this ISRO chief K. Sivan had said that the work of both Chandrayaan-3 and Mission Gaganyaan is going on simultaneously. Gaganyaan is India’s first mission to take humans into space. He also said that all the activities related to the third Chandrayaan mission are also going on smoothly. It will have a lander, rover and a propulsion module as before. He said Chandrayaan-3 could be launched by next year.

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