Education system in a mess and teachers in a pathetic condition: Dr Chanakya Jha

Dr Chanakya Jha, Dean Research, ISBM Engineering College, Pune, sight chairman IEEE bombay section


Pune : “The state of Maharashtra makes a maximum contribution to nation’s GDP at 35 per cent. Yet the education system of the state continues to be in a dismal state and its teachers
are in a horrible condition. How does one imagine the future of such a state whose younger generation is being imparting education which has no merry whatsoever ?

“It seems in last 8 to 9 years, there has been no improvement in the education state of Maharashtra. Also, it seems those who were elected from the teachers’ constituency and become education ministers or representatives, have taken no pain to improve the state of education.

“If a child is given a wrong education, then entire generation is wrecked. Considering this, we can say that our current education system is heading nowhere and it is our moral responsibility to speak up against this malaise.”

“Teachers are not responsible for the current mess, but are victims of the system in place. It is disconcerting to note that teachers have to virtually beg before those who run the institutes or the government for their legitimate salaries
There are thousands of teachers who do not get their monthly salaries on time which is highly shocking.

“Maharashtra is a prosperous state. It’s education system should be compared to the one in existence in Finland. The current state of education in Maharashtra is sadly sinking by the day.

“It is worth noting that neither education facilities nor merit has improved over the years. Teachers don’t get salaries on time, pregnant teachers are deprived of the special facilities and concessions meant for them, forget about PF and pensions plans for teachers. MLAs get pensions in five years, teachers don’t get pension even after decades of service. …Teachers have been found to be working on a salary of Rs 5000 to Rs 7000 which is what a daily laborer draws… The government deserves to be condemned for keeping the education system in such an abysmal state…

“If we leave side secondary and higher secondary colleges, the state of professional colleges is in utter bad shape. The engineering colleges have assumed a criminal look…”

“What is needed is classification of the education system, but instead teachers have been classified. Teachers have been classified in 30 categories which includes fulltime teachers, contractual teachers, aided teachers, unaided teachers, old pension teachers, permanent teachers.. Govt should stop such ridiculous policies…”

“It is time to stop criminalization of education system otherwise this demon will gobble up entire nation. I have made a resolve to give teachers their pride of place for which I expect support from the entire society…”

Here’s the true state of affairs of the education system in Maharashtra.

In 2010, Maharashtra had computers only in 12 per cent schools.
By 2018, it shot up to 64.4 per cent.
Even today, one fourth of the schools do not have computer facilities and we are dreaming of digital India.
Only 35 per cent school have computer teachers. As a result, only 19 per cent students could use computers.
In 2010, 83.1 per cent and in 2018, 88.4 per cent schools had libraries. In 2010, 62.4 per cent and in 2018, 34 per cent students were taking advantage of the facility.

In 2018, only 74.9 per cent schools had security wall. Even today, 30 per cent schools have drinking water problem.

There are more shocking facts.

In 2018, it was found in a survey of class 5 students that 66 per cent of them could not write Marathi alphabets. And 31 per cent students could not solve math’s. It raised questions like do we approve of such an education system ? Did Chhatrapati Shivaji dream of such a nation ? Did Veer Savarkar dream of nation ? Answer is no.

Our MLAs and MPs whom we elected and expected them to improve our education system as also other living conditions have let us down in a big way. We are far far away from setting up a robust system. It is time we need to join hands to raise our voice against such a dismal education system.


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