30th Exodus Year of Kashmiri Hindu community in Pune

Pune – npnews24 Online- The intent on 19th January which marks the 30th exodus year of Kashmiri Hindu community in pune was to make Generation next to remember and to keep the pain of their exile alive and not forget the Exile conciousness.

On 19th january reflects brutals face of 30 years of the continuous exodus from the Homeland kashmiri hindus . This year, unlike previous years has a ray of hope building up for the community as they move a step ahead in their struggle in exile with corrected Art.370 and formation of Union territory like demands in their favour.

The kashmiri hindu community committed to showcase the entire world that inspite of being victims of Islamic Jehad in the valley and have faith faced not the first but 7th exodus of their community.It is note worthy, that committee didn’t pick the guns but continued with strength of their pain and wisdom and upheld resilience to claim that ‘THEY EXIST’ .

Playing cricket within community youngsters under theme ‘Yekjah’ from last 9 years on Ajinkya DY Patil university ground marked the resilience of their community and spirit of community bond and togetherness.

The exhibition depicted at the ground highlighted plight of their broken homes ,temples and recreated the live refugee camps ,where kashmiri hindu community spend crucial 15 years of their life post forceful exodus from valley in 1990.

The students, young working men and women including senior citizens resolved that post abrogation of the article 370 and creation of union territory of the erstwhile state, the Kashmiri Hindu community will return and reclaim their Homeland only in a centralised place within valley and continue their struggle in exile till the community doesn’t reclaim their Homeland.

The prominent members present were President Kashmiri Hindu Sabha( KHS) pune ,Sh. I.K Kaul along with the other board of trustees of KHS , VC and Registrar of Ajinkya DY Patil University along with Youth 4 Panun Kashmir( Y4pk) National President Rahul Kaul and all Y4PK zones coordinators like , Sanjay Kaul, Vice president Y4PK and Trustee of Bhagwan Gopinath Trust, Rahul Razdan General sec. Y4PK who travelled from Hyderabad, Vithal Chowdhary from Delhi and Digamber Raina from Haryana travelled for the event.

Other prominent person present were Rohit Bhat mentor for theme Yekjah along with Sunil Raina Pune Coordinator of Y4PK and One of main organiser for Yekjah with Vishal Kotroo, Vimal Sumbly and Sushant Kaul.

On 19th Jan, the hindu community paid their homage by reliving the pain depicted thru an exhibition and recreated refugee camps……

Venue: “Ajinkya DY Patil Cricket ground, Ajeenkya DY PATIL university,Charholi BUDRUK, Lohegaon, Pune.

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