On the verge of ending US-China trade war, both countries made ‘big’ announcements, know their impact on India 

Mumbai: npnews24 Online – Trade war has been going on in the US and China, which are considered to be the world’s superpower and biggest economy, which has also had an impact on the economy of other countries. However, now these two countries are ready to compromise and both of them are about to sign a deal on this. The two countries will sign the first phase of the agreement on 15 January 2020.
China has made an important decision to run its economy and announced to reduce the interest rates, the benefit of which is definitely going to benefit India. Also, the end of the trade war between the two countries is going to have an impact on the country as well. So through this news, we try to understand the revenge in the future…
– China’s central bank People’s Bank of China has reduced interest rates by 0.50 percent, which will come into effect from 6 January 2020.
According to experts, this decision of China will prove to be important for the world economy including India.
– The companies doing business there in India will benefit by reducing interest rates by the Chinese government. The company mainly includes the name of Tata Motors, as 10% of its total sales come from China.
– Now India will also be able to export its products to other countries easily. Consequently, the economy will get strengthened by increasing exports. Explain that India has an indirect advantage of trade war. Because during this time the business relationship between India and China has increased.
– Vivek Mittal, Head of Research, VM Portfolio, believes that the decision of the People’s Bank of China will directly benefit the metal and mining sector of India. This is expected to boost stocks of iron and mining companies.

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