You can celebrate your New Year in ‘These’ places if your in Pune

Pune : npnews24 Online – Want to welcome your new year cheerfully? here is the place. Celebrate and Welcome the new year 2020 amazingly in these places.
Hard Rock Cafe : If you like music, fun and dance then this cafe might be a good option for you. On New Year’s Eve the party runs all night here. This time the theme party will be specially organized here. So if you want to get a unique experience, Hard Rock Café is best.

The Westin Pune


One of the popular destinations for New Year’s Party is The Westin Pune. The city’s most famous DJ performs here on special occasions. This place is very popular for its open dance floor. On New Year’s Eve this year you can enjoy an overnight party and beautiful fireworks here

Post 91


Post 91 of Pune is also very famous for Fun Party. This Roof Top Restro Bar is best for New Year’s Party. New Year’s party is organized here every year. This time, many good arrangements have been made to make the New Year party spectacular. Welcome to Post 91 with great music and your favorite drinks. Tattoo artists are also present here.

Blue frog


Whenever it comes to New Year’s Party and rocking music, Blue Frog’s name is at the top. This year Blue Frog has added a lot of new things to make New Year’s reception memorable. Every year on this popular music venue, famous singers come to New Year’s Eve and win the hearts of everyone with their performances. This may not be the beginning of a good New Year for you.

The Irish House


The Irish House has won many awards so far for its outstanding events. If you are a party lover, this place is perfect for a New Year party. There is a mix of dance, music as well as drinks appetizers. So be a part of the party by booking tickets in advance as soon as possible.

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