Shakti Mohan turns beauty entrepreneur

Mumbai, Dec 24 (IANS) Dancer-choreographer and popular TV personality Shakti Mohan has turned into a beauty entrepreneur by launching her own cosmetic line.She has come up with the beauty line in collaboration with, and is called NY Bae x Shakti. “Make-up is a natural extension of dance for me. It gives the finishing touches to my art enhancement. Make-up is such a huge fragment of my career and image. I wanted to curate a cosmetics line for years, but it needed to be credible and a game-changer of sorts, something that women around the world would respect and relate to,” Shakti said. “I wanted my line to be inclusive and accessible and speak to the millennial generation who is always on the go. My tryst with make-up began when I was in school when I used to watch my mother being very particular about her make-up, though I wasn’t allowed to wear any of it. Infact all the Mohan sisters are very inclined when it comes to cosmetics. I’m beyond thrilled to partner with NY Bae for this new inning. NY Bae’s brand ethos and performance resonates with me, thereby making it the right fit,” she added. The meticulously crafted line celebrates all shades of beauty and offers a wide-ranging collection of classic lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, eyeliners and nail lacquers. –IANSsug/in

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