Salman Khan – pays spot boys whose dues had been delayed

Mumbai: npnews24 Online – The actor has a heart of gold. According to a report, the actor displayed his softer side yet again, when he helped spot boys on his film’s sets to get their payments that were delayed.
one of the reporter said,”Sometimes, it does happen that in the midst of a hectic shoot, payments are not made to the workers who are on daily wages, including the spot boys. Recently, when some of these people brought this to Salman’s notice, he got everybody’s dues cleared. If Bhai sees anyone unhappy, he tries to bring a smile to their face.”

The reporter further also said, “There was one actor called Ram Sujan Singh who Salman saw sitting down and having his food. He immediately told his staff that he wanted that guy to have food with him and sat down and shared his food with him. Which superstar does that?” Salman Khan, meanwhile, will be seen in Dabangg 3 which will be released on December 20.

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