Now the political symbol of BJP ‘ Lotus’ will appear on the passport, the Ministry of External Affairs stated ‘this’ reason

New Delhi: npnews24 Online – Passport is important not only for travelling but also as an identity card and document. Not only this, passports identify the strengths of each country. Now a lotus sign will appear on your passport. Recently, lotus sign passports have been distributed in Kozhikode, Kerala. After this the issue was raised in Parliament. Opponents have strongly criticized the use of lotus on passports by the BJP. Because the lotus flower is the political symbol of the BJP. The Foreign Ministry has immediately disclosed this after strong protests by the opponents.
The Ministry of External Affairs said that, “the lotus has been used on the passport because it is a national flower and is a symbol of the country.” After the delivery of such passports in Kerala, Congress MP M.K. Raghavan raised this issue in the Lok Sabha. He said that, “the BJP is planning to saffronize government institutions.”
Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said, “Lotus is our national flower and symbol of the country and part of the latest security technology brought to detect fake passports. He also said that, the International Civil Flight Association The security feature is being printed only after the order of According to him, besides the lotus symbol, other national symbols will also be used. A different sign politimay appear on your passport next month.”
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