Harbhajan Singh : “In future, Nobody should dare to do such a disgusting violence against women”

Mumbai: npnews24 Online – After the rape case of Hyderabad, the whole nation is on fire and was asking for justice for Priyanka. The assailants were taken to the place where the incident took place. The assailants tried to run away but the police men warned them to not to run. But the four of them tried to attack them and so the policemen had to fire shots on them and so the four of them died on the spot

This encounter took place in the midnight. The nation celebrated the moment, it was a very quick decision and a justice to Priyanka Reddy. Many celebs and people posted status on social media using ‘ Hastags#’ like #justiceforpriyankareddy, #RIPpriyankareddy and many more. Cricketer Harbhajan Singh also also tweeted on tweeter saying,  “The Hyderabad government and the police have done a good job. They have shown to everyone that this should have happened. Now no one will ever dare to do it again. “In addition, he has given the tag” Make India Safe (#makeitsafeindia)”.  Many celebrities also appreciated the Telangana Police by tweeting.

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