Gold Loan robbery: Gold Robbed more than rupees 1 crore

Pune: npnews24 Online – Morning on the Pune – Nagar road, in the IIFL Gold Loan office the robbers robbed gold more than rupees 1 crore.
According to the information given by police, near the market area in the Anand Empire building on the ground floor in the IIFL gold loan office . The gold is robbed of rupees more  than 1 crore.  It was around 10:30 am in the clock, the office was opened. Around 10:45 am one of the robber entered the office and two men followed him. One of the men showed a gun aiming at a man. There were 2 women and one 1 man working in the office. And after frightening the employees in the office, the other robbers started filling up their bags with gold. They almost looted more than 1 crore rupees gold.  The police man Shankar Katke is taking the charge after this case.
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