Boyfriend raped his Girlfriend in a reality show: The video got viral 

New Delhi: npnews24 Online – A contestant in a  Spanish reality show ” Big Brother” just like the Indian “Big Boss”, was shown her own video that leaked. After bringing out the video, a global producer of the show Endemol Shine Group confessed and apologized for their mistake. They were sorry about the mistake that happened.
According to the reporters, the assailant and the victim had grown their bonding during the show.
As the Indian “Big Boss” show has its commander who commands and is called as ‘Big Boss’ in the show, the same way the Spanish show ” Big Brother” has it ” Super”. The ‘ Super’ had called the contestant in a separate and the video was shown to them. The video that was shown, it had a man that was forcing a woman to get physical. The woman was unconscious.

This incident took place in the year 2017, the video was not leaked then but recently the video got leaked. Then the Spanish Government started finding out them. The investigating judge has told that the assailant will be punished for this misbehavior. But the assailants advocate denied to accept this claim on Joss Maria.
After this incidence, many of the companies that had their bonds with ‘Big Brother’ for the advertisements will not give any of their advertisements to this show anymore. The assailant was the boyfriend of the victim, they had built a new relationship during this show.  As the victim was drunk and was unconscious her boyfriend tried to be physical with her without taking her permission.
As the ‘Super’ was showing this video, the girl refused to watch this video saying, “please stop this video, Super please”. But Super told her to see her own video so that she would also know what exactly had happened to her.
After this incidence, Super had shown this video the next day to the victim, where she was denying to get physical to her boyfriend ‘No, I can’t’ but her boyfriend didn’t listen to her rejection. The team was stopping him from doing this misconduct behavior towards his girlfriend and so he was thrown out of the show.

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