Airtel to bring new Vo Wi-fi calling service next month in India

Mumbai: npnews24 Online – Airtel Vo Wi-fi is basically Voice Over Wifi calling. Airtel is testing currently the Voicer wifi service in multiple locations of India. This is basically a service that will allow users to have to call service through wifi. Users can avail the service of Vo wifi calling even when the cellular network is not available.
According to the reports, Airtel has completed its beta trials for Vo Wifi calling with its employees and its specific customers. Airtel will officially bring out it’s Vo Wifi calling service in December. Airtel will it out officially for the use of the wifi calling but it is not confirmed that Airtel will make this service available in all parts of India.
How to use the Vo wifi service?
1)You need to turn on the Vo wifi settings in your mobile phones.
2)This feature will be available by the name ‘Wi-Fi calling’
3) You need to switch on this feature.
4) Whenever there low connectivity or less network this feature will get activated automatically. Wifi calling is similar to Whatsapp, facetime video calling.
5) There will be no additional charges for Vo Wifi calls.

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