Poultry Farming can also give the best income.

Mumbai: npnews24online – Due to heavy rains this year the crops are destroyed and have made a huge loss to the farmers. The rains disturbed the crop cycle which made it difficult for the farmers to cultivate crops. The unfavorable changes in the climate made great losses to the farmer’s income. But poultry farming can help to increase your income and will have no climate barriers. Poultry farming can give you lakhs of rupees every month.

Poultry farming needs 5 to10 lakhs of capital investment. You can apply for government schemes like Mudra Yojana and pay off the loans by earning every month. You can start with 1500 hens that will need 50000 rupees of investment. This will help the farmers to increase the income and will give consistency in the income.

Poultry farming is raising of domestic birds like hens, chickens, geese that produce eggs, meat etc which help to income.

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