Two Lakh Rupees Fined for the wrong petition against Devendra Fadnavis

Nagpur : npnews24 online-  The Petitioner, Suresh Rangari filed a case against Former Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis for the Prevention of Atrocity while filling up the election form for the 2019 Elections. While making up in the assembly elections, Former CM of Maharashtra tried to hide the information, claimed the petitioner.

Suresh Rangari the petitioner who had put allegations on Former CM, petitioned in the Districts of Wardha in Savangi Meghe Police Station. He claimed against then Chief Minister of Maharashtra on 10 October but by not getting any response from there, he appealed to the High Court. Taking all the witnesses into consideration, the court came to the conclusion that the claims were only put for the sake of targeting the individual.

The claimer, Suresh Rangari who failed to prove his allegations has now been imposed a fine of Rs 2 lakhs by the High Court and has asked the petitioner to pay the imposed fine by 29 November.

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