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7 days free camp to goshala

Pune- I saw different goshala at Pivdai Village MCVK, 25km from Indore, Madhya Pradesh of 100 indigenous Geer cows. The whole Goshala is run by children under the age of 15. From removing dung Until the milk is removed All the work is done by boys, girls under the age of 15. At 5am in the morning, these children get up without their parents and present themselves in the Goshala. They listen to modern songs on the Radio and Dance, while doing Goshala work.

Goshala is a daily festival for children. 100 cows are given human names, only when a cow is called, she comes out to give milk. The important thing is that the people here not only handle the cows but handle much better than those who handle Cow as only Gomata. More than just handling a cow as a gomata It is necessary To understand Its scientific information, Its use to man, If we can tell the cow’s relationship with human beings and nature, then only the next generation can adopt it. Have you ever seen a servant-free cowshed of 100 cows before? You also have to understand why a goshala should be Servant free.There are so many things to understand in Shibir. Shibir date. December 24 to 30 The 7 day camp is organized, you are all invited with your family. If you want to see the heaven mentioned in spirituality, you have to die, but if all the living family can see heaven together, what is the point of going as a trip to Heaven? At one place the lecture beginsThe subject of the lecture was – Heaven.The person speaking was describing the paradise But none of the people who spoke and listened to it had seen heaven. Everyone knows that heaven cannot be seen without the body being calm That is, heaven cannot be seen in this life cycle. But some people wish that The earth should be heaven, Humans should be God, For religion to succeed, Good luck with the routine.

In particular, some people are trying to do this In reality. If you have the opportunity to see heaven in this same birth, this same body yatra, what does it matter to go and look? Date- 24 to 30 December 2019. Or 11 to 17 May 2020. Location – Pivdai village, 25km from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. There is no camp fee, Free to live. Just your meal costs you. 7 days as per Rs 270 / day Total cost for Camp is Rs 1890 Per person. (No meals charges for children under 5). You have to do online Registration by paying Rs 500 per person to register your name for camp. And pay balance amount at the time of shivi. Reach Indore by Sleeper bus, train, Airoplane. A rare opportunity in your life. Sure to get satisfying answers of all the questions in your life. An unforgettable experience to share with your family. For those looking for happiness Way to get lasting happiness I Vinayak Raikar went to Pidvai, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. for the first time and saw there fantasies, things that seemed impossible.

1. The school I visited,Children have no fees,Teachers have no salary,
2. Men I’ve seen, Jobs and businesses to survive Neither of these are required,
3. The women I saw, Imagine how a woman’s life could be if a single kitchen of a total of 100 members of the 30 families was considered as a common equality. You don’t even have to look so good
4. The children I saw, Not the usual kind of school, the school has no class, no competitive education, no worry about getting a job and trading in the future;
5. There’s the premises, 18 acres, 30 families, 100 members, Whole organic farming, Each person struggles to produce something themselves.
6.This family, Families who believe that only human being is one caste, irrespective of any man-made walls of caste, religion, country. Money is essential for survival, but because it is not very important, both the money maker and the non money holder are living together.
7. Target, Happiness and suffering are not two sides of the coin but a sure way to achieve lasting happiness and everyone who strives to achieve it All the things that other people spend their entire life time and resources on while doing social service are part of the people’s lives here. Preparations are underway to build a new 100-member village called Paradise or Ram Rajya.

You can witness this phenomenon with your own eyes What a sight to see it all with your own eyes as a 7 day trip with the whole family, Another option is to live positively, I am sure you can achieve this much by camping, If you want to go for camp do online Registration by paying Rs 500 per person on site www.mcvkworld.com For any more information Pl send whatsapp Message. your name,city,indore shibir. On 9225513999 No phone calls Please. Very imp.

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