Cow dung Cakes reached the American Markets

Have you ever thought that cow dung would be sold in International markets? Yes, they are been sold in American stores.
American markets are selling cow dung cakes. Cow dung cakes are basically the excretes of the cows used for rituals. Indians have more importance to these cow dung cakes.

These cow dung cakes are sold in stores in packets. These packets contain 10 pieces of cow dung cakes, which is also warned as ‘Not an eatable’.  These Cow dung cakes are not for eating purpose it is mentioned clearly. In America, it costs 3 dollars which means 215  rupees in India.

It’s getting viral on social media because of it’s packing and the content explained on it. Some of the users are appreciating the information given on the packagings of the cow dung cakes.  The people there are amazed by looking at the idea of making cakes through cow dung.

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