7th Pay  Commission:  Modi Government to raise the Salaries of the central government employees?

New Delhi: npnews24 –  On Wednesday, i.e Today, all the Ministers will be having a meeting regarding the 7th pay commission in Delhi. There are chances of getting the good news to the Central government employees after the meeting.

So according to the 7th pay commission law, there are chances of an increase in the salaries of more than 50 lakh employees. The increase in salary can be up to 8000rs. The employees are given 18,000rs salary which can increase up to 26,000 then. There are more possibilities of getting this proposal signed today.

The employees were behind them, to increase their salaries but this amount would also not be sufficient to bring up their living. The government is looking after their employee’s needs and their suggestions and so there are a lot of possibilities for the signing of the 7th Pay Commission.

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