Here’s the man behind Priyanka Chopra’s fabulous look in The Sky is Pink

Np News 24 : Everyone who has seen The Sky is Pink has only great things to say about the movie. Well, one thing, besides the story and excellent performances, that one notices is actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ different looks in the film. From long hair to a pixie cut, Priyanka looks fabulous and the person behind all the effort id French hair and make up artist Florian Hurel.
Florian says that a lot of hardwork went into getting the desired looks. “The challenging part was mostly all the hair changes to identify the right look for her morphology and keep her in sync with the the era. We decided to create a total of 4 looks. The most challenging one was the pixie cut as in india we don’t find many short hair wig cuts for ladies. I had to travel out of India to source the base of the wig and cut it to fit it on Priyanka directly,” he said, adding, “In both the songs of the film, you see two different and drastic changes in her look as the era is very different. One is where she has long hair and one can see PC dancing and jumping  and the other one is a bob wig again sourced out of india and specially fitted for her.”
Florian has worked with Priyanka before on a magazine cover, two years ago. He is completely in awe of the actress’ prowess.  “Her character and her performance is so real and authentic. We shot a lot of emotional scenes and her performance in front of the camera could easily make anyone cry,” he added.
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