Parv is a villain, who is a flirt and funny: Rehaan Roy on his role

Np News 24 Mumbai: Everyone loves actor Rehaan Roy as Parv in Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega.
The actor was recently nominated in the best villain category in the Gold awards as well.

“It feels great when someone recognises your hard work and your talent. I feel honoured to be nominated in Gold awards in two categories. Winning is a different thing, but seeing my name with actors whom I have grown up watching itself is an achievement for me,” he said.
Talking about his role, he said, “Parv is a villain, who’s a flirt, funny and at the same time, does all the bad things in life. But the best part about this character is that whatever he does, that brings the protagonists closer to each other. Parv is classy, good looking and smart. So, I think my physical appearance helped me to pull out the character even better.”

“It’s been a great experience so far. It’s been a learning experience for me too. Every day, I learned new things and unfolded something new about my character. The feedback that I have got for this character is an immense amount of love from the audience. I feel great to get so much of love even after playing a negative character. I just want to work even harder to entertain my audience. This is the only way I can send them the love back,” he added.  The actor says that initially, he didn’t want to take up a negative role.  “I was not at all keen to do a negative character until my friends convinced me to take this up. However, I feel they were right. I’m happy to play Parv,” he further said.

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