Won’t reveal Xbox Live active users: Microsoft

San Francisco, Sep 20 (IANS) Microsoft has revealed that it will no longer include Gaming Revenue or Xbox Live Monthly active users in its earnings reports. The reason why this change is being made may have to do with the company’s Xbox Game Pass service. This allows gamers to play new releases with their $10-a-month subscription, which means that software sales could take a hit. However, these could be offset by the revenue earned from the subscription service, Windowscentral reported on Thursday.
Gaming revenue, however, will continue to be disclosed in the Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

The company has, apparently, been shifting focus away from hardware to software and digital services.
Recently, Microsofts head of Xbox and gaming, Phil Spencer, confirmed the company is not working on a streaming-only console.

Previously, some reports had suggested that Microsoft’s next-generation Project Scarlett console would ship with both a high-end version and a ‘cloud console’ with limited amounts of local compute for things like controller input, image processing and collision detection.


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