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NPnews24 online: ARIES: control your expenditure, your responsibility will increase.

Your mother health issue will arise; take care of your health.

TAURUS: Do not give advice to others, religious travel plan will arise, your family will be happy.

VIRGO: People will not listen you, so speak according to that, you will get new job. You will get injured.

LEO: May someone will cheat on you, you will buy new clothes, and some tax related problem will arise.

GEMINI: Office colleague will cooperate with you; you will get travel chance, take advice from your seniors.

CANCER: Business people will grow today, no difficulty will come, service related people will get some


LIBRA: Person in politics will get chance to contest election, family problems will hurt you.

SAGITTARIUS: People will discuss about your name, your seniors will trust on you.

CAPRICORN: Family problem will arise; you will get chance of new location.

AQUARIUS: Person in import-export business will grow; definitely you will get good news.

Long pending work will create some complication.

Scorpio: With difficulties you have to rush everywhere, family related problem will give you some problem.

PISCES: Good day today, you will success today, you will receive some promotion, children will create problem

In your life.

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