Shivajinagar bus depot to be relocated from October 1

Np News 24 Pune: The work for MSRST bus depot in Shivajinagar is being relocated and the work for the depot on the Mula Road has accelerated in full swing.  According to officials, the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) station will be operational at the new site from October 1.
Soon, the Shivajinagar bus depot will be shifted to this new site.

The station is being relocated due to the ongoing work for Pune metro in Shivajinagar area.  There will be a subway station for the metro route in the premises of Shivajinagar ST bus depot. The route of traffic changed in the area from last month due to the ongoing metro work.
About 5 acres of land on Mula Road near RA Milk Dairy in Wakdewadi has been made available to the MahaMetro on a lease for relocating the Shivajinagar ST bus depot.  The work on the new site is currently underway on two and a half acres of the land.  The building of sheds for the passengers to stand and sit, sheds for officers, restrooms for staff, hostels, staff cabin, guest house, etc., is being done in full swing.
In this regard, Shivajinagar depot Manager Anil Bhise said, “MahaMetro officials have been advised to ensure that passengers do not suffer inconvenience in the new place. A plan has been submitted to MahaMetro about the facilities that are required at the new site. Accordingly, the process of relocating the depot will begin once the facilities are available.”
“Shivajinagar bus depot currently has a diesel pump. At the new site, the ST buses will have to go to the pump at Shankar Sheth Road to fill the diesel,” he added. “The work will be completed by September 30,” said MahaMetro Executive Director Atul Gadgil.

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